As the minds of millions of Americans -- and their children -- spend more and more time focused on screens of their devices -- what will the long-term consequences be to families and our nation?  Where will they acquire the Core Values that will influence the decision making process that governs their behaviors? 

Who is hiding behind those screens? What are their Core Values? What do they want? Social media only appeared less than ten years America has dramatically changed as people spend increasing amounts of time linked directly to their devices. We are now in unchartered waters. Today, millions of adults and children are on a quest for constant, seamless self-expression and instant gratification. They are struggling to make, or keep, long-term commitments and finding it harder to engage with, or even tolerate, people or ideas that don’t relate directly and immediately to themselves. Empathy among millions of Americans is being weakened, and with it, so is the faith in the ideas that are essential for a democracy to operate successfully – a common identity with shared ideas and values. In everything from eating and socializing to marriage and parenting to politics, the norms and expectations of our self-centered culture are making it steadily harder for Americans to behave in civic and social ways. This is now undermining the essential social structures required for a democracy to exist. It is absolutely essential that we understand humans have only two options for exercising power to get the things they want.

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If we do not consciously adopt Shared Core Values, Build Values-Based Relationships and Network Together to address the social issues and problems families, neighborhoods, companies, religions and governments (at all levels) face today -- chances are high that millions of people will not choose the Persuasion Power Option! We invite you to learn about the Time-Tested Core Values we believe that have the power to transform the old Realities we live in today to a New Reality in which Life is the Highest Value & Top Priority -- not profits or unexamined belief systems.