Gatherings, Teams & Networks are the foundation of the TOV Center vision because they are where the time-tested values, principles and standard recorded in the ancient wisdom are transformed into human actions. A primary function of all three is to bring people together to accomplish goals they share.

Gatherings are events where Members come together for a variety of purposes – social, educational, training, information sharing, having “THE” conversations, etc. "THE" conversations are about many things that are often on people's minds, but are avoided because of the fear that they will upset someone. At this time we have representatives that are available to participate in Gatherings located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas and Temecula, California areas. Members in those areas who would like to participate or host local Gatherings please contact us. We will also have ways to "Gather" online and other formats soon. 

Teams are created by Members to accomplish specific goals that are important to them -- family teams (make the family a team and link them together for collective activities), neighborhood teams (make neighborhoods better & safer), citizenship teams (engage in citizenship responsibilities), professional skills teams (members with specialized training who want to work with others in their professions to incorporate TOV Values in their lives as doctors, educators, lawyers, professional athletes, religious leaders, healthcare specialists, bankers, CPAs, elected officials, etc.), problem solving teams (target specific issues & problems), information sharing teams (become the eyes and ears for other members in the areas in which they live or in their areas of expertise), emergency response teams (prepared to address emergency situations), youth development teams (educational and recreational activities designed to help youth succeed in life), and for any other reasons that are important to Members.

Networks consist of Individual Members, Teams and other resources related to goals and purposes they have. This is a way to create link needs, resources and skills together to accomplish common goals. It is also a way to amplify the voices of Team Members and made them heard by larger audiences. The more Members we have – the louder and stronger the voices of all Team Members

Gatherings, Teams & Networks