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Our website is currently under construction and we need you to do one more thing to complete the membership process. Using the form below, send Rabbi Leynor a note and let him know that you are now part of the TOV Team. You will also receive an email with more information. Welcome to the TOV Center Team!

  Join the Conversation and learn more about  TOV Values and building Values-Based  Relationships.  Become a Member of the TOV  Center Team at  the level that works best for    you and join the Team that places Life as its  Highest Value and Top Priority.

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 Everyone that joins at the Lifetime Membership  Level December 31, 2016 will belong to a very  special group -- Founding Team Members of the  TOV Center. No one will be able to join that group  after the end of this period. If you join at another  level, you will have the option of updating it to the  Lifetime Level and become a member of the  Founding Team until December 31, 2016 by simply  paying the difference. Your belief in the TOV Vision  and Values creates a foundation upon which we will  build a New Reality. 

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Volunteer as a TOV Center Home Team Member

We are in the launching stage of the TOV Center, which means we have lots of experience, huge amounts of data, many contacts and understand the TOV Center Vision. It also means that we do not have the funds to do many of the things that must be done to turn that vision into a completed project. Become a Volunteer member of the TOV Center Home Team and add your experiences, knowledge & skills to the Team and help us do those things. Use the contact form on the right to contact us and let us know how you feel like you can help.  Thanks!

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  • One Year Membership -- $18 
  • Five Year Membership -- $90
  • Lifetime Membership -- $180