21 Day Emergency Preparedness Plan

It is absolutely essential to understand the following facts about human survival:

    3 MinutesThe number of minutes humans survive without air.

    3 HoursThe number of hours humans survive in harsh environments without shelter.

    3 DaysThe number of days humans survive without water.

    3 WeeksThe number of weeks humans survive without food.

Take a moment to consider what you would do if you suddenly found yourself without the things above? Now add additional factors that relate specifically to your needs or those of family members:

    What will happen if there is no access to prescription medicines?
    What will happen if there is no access to medical treatments for existing conditions?

    What will happen without access to medical facilities?

In the past, people were primarily affected by events that took place locally, but today we live in a global economy -- and that means most the things listed above come from other places. Food comes from sources scattered around the world. In many communities, water comes from sources hundreds of miles away. Things must be transported and that requires different methods of transportation, fuel and electrical power. Computers control the networks that make all of this possible and without power they would soon fail. In a global world, events in place in distant locations produce cascading levels of emergencies that ripple around the world.

 How many people live in your immediate area? Keep that figure in mind, because their survival countdown clocks would be counting down along with yours.

    How will they respond in an emergency situation?

    How safe will you and your family be?

Being connected to others through Shared Core Values and Values-Based Relationships created through TOV Center Gatherings, Teams and Networks becomes very important factors. Working together to create 21 Day Emergency Preparedness Plans and creating emergency sources of supplies are high priorities for TOV Center Team Members.