Understanding Our Humanness

What does it mean to be human? Our answer to this question is very important for several reasons. One is that we depend on other humans for our very survival and the more we understand about humans the higher our chances of survival. Another is that we live on a small planet in a huge universe with another 7,300,000,000 humans who also want to survive. Our understanding of what humans are affects how we understand what we are and how we relate to those other 7.3 billion humans.

For most of the past 2,600 years religion and philosophy have provided most of the answers for the above question. But science has made important discoveries since the late 20th century that are transforming our knowledge about humanness. We now know that humans are genetic memetic social creatures. We know that 99% of our genes are identical and that the things that make us different are our memes -- pieces of information that only exist in the human mind and are recreated in other minds. Beliefs and Values are memes. As pointed out in the section on Relationships, the quality of our social relationships are very important. 

When we combine the new knowledge of what it means to be human with an understanding of the Time-Tested TOV Values, Principles and Standard from The Wisdom of the Beginnings we empower ourselves to create a New Reality -- a new way of viewing and understanding human human actions in life. This transforms the ways we interact with others and creates new and better options for resolving conflicts, issues and social problems. 

Understanding our Humanness opens the door for people to have "THE" conversations that are required for discovering the actual causes of many conflicts, issues and social problem and resolving them in ways that agree with our Values & Standard. Many of those problems will only be solved by making systemic changes in political, economic and religious institutions. 

However, one thing must be clearly understood -- everything begins with relationships. The starting point is not the problem or finding someone to blame. It is creating relationships with others and using your Shared Core Values to co-create the solutions. Our goal is to help you succeed in that venture!