The officials and referees in sports are those who are authorized to MAKE THE RULES, make sure people KEEP THE RULES and PUNISH THOSE WHO BREAK THE RULES. In college football, for example, the NCAA make the rules and publishes them for anyone to see. On the field, the officials are responsible for enforcing the rules fairly and equally for both teams. When a rules violation occurs, the familiar flag is thrown, the game is stopped, officials confer, the referee announces the rules violation and the player's number that violated it and the penalty. It is through that process that most fans learn the rules.

In life, the official and referees are elected officials that make the laws, law enforcement officials, regulatory agencies, justice system officials, etc. Unlike in sports, often the public doesn't know the rules and many people today do not believe that that law enforcement officers and members of the justice system do not administer them fairly and equally for all people. The news has steady streams of stories about people who believe that the justice one receives in America is based on one's skin color, gender or wealth. Communications of Citizens with their officials and referees is an important part of becoming an Empowered Citizen.

TOV Team Members have opportunities to learn about the nation's Founding Principles & Values as well as how to become involved in the political process as an Empowered Citizen. The foundation of the government upon which Americans depend is a democracy that requires the participation of its Citizens. TOV Team Members learn how to do this as individuals and Team Members. 




We chose to use a sport's model as the way to incorporate TOV Values in the American way of life. Why a Sport's Model? Hundreds of millions of Americans are familiar with, understand and enjoys Sports. Total strangers are able to immediately engage in conversations about sports. They may even form relationships. What makes sports so popular? These are some of the reasons -- everyone know the rules, the actions of officials are public and transparent, members of teams are easily identifiable, and they know the score.

The Game

The Opponents are collectives of humans -- governments, corporations, institutions, groups, etc. -- that do acts that do not measure up to the TOV Standard -- acts that destroy life, threaten life, make life less functional and/or decrease the quality of life

What makes the Super Bowl Game one of the most important events in the world? It is not the players or the game, even though those are important factors. The key factor is the massive numbers of people watching the game -- the FANS! Human power is ultimately determined by the number of people involved. 

The golden rule of human power is very simple -- as more people become interested in something and give it their attention, the more powerful it becomes. Building a TOV Team Fan Base is an important part of bringing about the changes that are urgently required to make America more TOV. 

TOV Team Members often wear many hats and the first is usually that of being a Fan. Supporting other TOV Team Members is a very important role in achieving Team goals. 



Instead of Players and Coaches, TOV Teams have CO-CREATORS. The ancient word from which the TOV meaning of "create" originates means "to change things that exist and bring them inline with the TOV Standard. The TOV Playbook provides instructions for how to engage in the creation process. It requires understanding the TOV Standard, using it to make distinctions between the things that exist in the beginning. After that is completed, the Co-Creators formulate a Game Plan and Team Members began their work of creation.

An important TOV Value is EQUALITY. All humans are viewed as equal in their rights and responsibilities, regardless of gender. All humans have a right to the Basic Requirements of Life and the responsibility to make sure all humans have them. Many of the problems Americans face today are the result of not having access to those requirements.

The TOV leadership is built upon EQUALITY. Male and female are to be CO-CREATORS and CO-GOVERNORS. The model for leadership is that of being a SHEPHERD. The primary responsibility of leaders is to lead by doing acts of TOV -- concrete acts that protect life, preserve life, make life more functional and/or increase the quality of life -- for all people. This requires leadership teams in which both genders are involved as Co-Creators and Co-Governors.