Football League Project 

Projections for 2020 Season that begins at end of August.

1. The football league has 14 member associations (12 that have teams & 2 that do not; all have officers and directors).

2. There will be 81 teams which are divided into 3 divisions.

3. The 81 teams will have 2,430 players and 486 coaches. (Player information will include Jersey #, Name, DOB (program generates age), picture (optional), residential status, weight.) (Coach info includes name, Head or Assistant and telephone number.)

4. The teams will play 9 regular season games (conference and nonconference games. Conference games determine playoff positions.)

5. There will be 4 playoff games for teams in each division.

This is what we need.

1. Secure cloud database or databases which the above info could be added and changed from multiple computers controlled by people approved to access data.

2. Each person uploading info can only view their data. Administrators can view all info.

3. Data can be connected to (uploaded) webpages – association pages, team roster pages, schedules, scores of games, standings.